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Biba Fibiger is a Copenhagen-based artist whose practice takes shape experimentally across sculpture and installation, painting, collage and performance.  Her sculptures are often installed in what she calls ensembles to make way for new understandings within a given spatial context.

She graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016.


In her work, Fibiger makes use of a variety of materials; clay, ready mades and metal, which she crudely molds into anthropomorphic imagery to bring about discussions of feminism and its contrasts; our cultural expectations to the woman body and its aura.

Her practice is thus an investigation of the complexities of the feminine (body) across

forms, materials, relations and modes of thinking.


Feminism she understands as a utopian space where past, present and futures collapse into a void, revealing the body as a technological device of constant cosmic contact. The body is an intelligent receiving, sending, reading and healing continuity of imagery, signs, vibrational emotions and other continuous information; a vessel through which organisms’ flow, thus attaching otherness. Hence the mother is a central figure within Fibiger’s practice, she who holds past and future generations in her folds.


Fibigers point of departure is thus how we decode and position ourselves in the world (universe) through readings, misreading or interference between our “natural” core and our manufactured prostheses and imaginaries.




Selected exhibitions:

ARoS Museum of modern art * Charlottenborg Kunsthal * Billboard Festival Casablanca, Marocco*

This Art Fair, Amsterdam * Roskilde Festival * Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Artland * Alt_cph Art Festival *

Four Boxes Gallery * Damp Gallery * Ap’Art Kong Arthur


Selected activities:

Prequalification in The Danish Art Foundation competiotion for public sculptures *

Bikuben artist in residency programme * Receiver of The Danish Art Foundation grants * Shortlisted for the Charlottenborgs Jury pris; Helge og Marie Finsens Fond; KE-prisen; Talent Prize DCK #08

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